Walking/Hiking Trails

There are no mountains in Ashford, so none of the trails are exceptionally difficult. The ratings are made with a nod to families of mixed ages that might include young children as well as elders. People who hike regularly will have no difficulty on Ashford's trails.

(Numbers correspond to location on map)

Town of Ashford Trails     These are the shortest and easiest trails.

    1   Ashford Memorial Park     

    2  Langhammer Trail

    3   Pompey Hollow Park

              handicapped accessible

    4  Tremko Trail

Joshua's Trust Trails                These trails range from easy to moderate & about 1-2 miles.

   5   Church Farm Preserve

   6   Fliegel Farm Woods

   7   Friedman Forest Preserve

   8   Iron Mine Valley

      a.  East Trail

      b.  West Trail

   9  Josias Byles Sanctuary

10  Knowlton Hill Preserve

11  Rankin Preserve

12  Tinkerville Brook

Connecticut Blue Trails    

These are the longest and most challenging trails in Ashford.

  13  Natchaug Trail

  14  Nipmuck Trail