Langhammer Town Forest

At the end of Lustig Road. You have to get there from Willington. And you walk on a section of the Old Connecticut Path at the beginning.

Rules: No vehicles, bicycles or horses. Dogs must be leashed.

Walkability: Easy

Total distance: 1.2 miles

Elevation change: 106 feet (up + down), gradual slopes.

Environment: Lovely walk in the forest with a couple of different environments: open forest floor, a bridge over a creek, another small creek with stepping stones for crossing, a large section with tall mountain laurels that will be stunning when in bloom in June. The elevation changes are slight. There are sections with rocks imbedded in the trail which could be a challenge for less sure-footed walkers. Heavy rains create standing water and mud in three places, requiring the use of stepping stones.

Directions:  Drive to the end of Lustig Road. Along the way, when the road changes to dirt, you enter Ashford. At the end there are a number of signs on private property that say "No Parking." Turn left at the end--there is a sign on a phone pole and another as you turn onto the entrance. This is a section of the Old Connecticut Path which would link up to Howey Road and East Howey Road. A few yards ahead there is a parking lot on the left and a kiosk with a map. The trail starts as an extension of the entrance road, and after a short distance, it turns left and goes into the woods.

Information about Ashford's Conservation Commission and Langhammer Trail can be found here.

October 2023