Ashford Memorial Park

This walk is 50% at the perimeter of playing fields and in a meadow, then another 50% in the woods along the Mt. Hope River.

Walkability: Easy

Total distance: 0.8 miles; going all the way north to the water works building before going up to the road. A shorter version of the river walk, (0.6 miles) goes back up to the playing fields where the stone-dust path takes you back to the start. A third, even shorter, version (0.4 miles) starts on the stone-dust path  (going clockwise) and continues around the soccer and baseball fields until it joins the trail coming out of the meadow. 

Elevation change: 34 feet (up + down), gradual slopes; 21 feet on the shortest loop.

EnvironmentFor the longer hikes, we walked from the gate near the picnic tables south, following the trail counterclockwise, going through the meadow first. This is a nice mostly level place for a quick walk that doesn't take you deep into the woods. It's pleasant to walk along the river bank, and the playing fields and meadow give you a feeling of open space that's different from being surrounded by trees. There is a short section on the way to the river that has rocks embedded in the trail which could be a challenge for less sure-footed walkers. However, we encountered a toddler doing quite well, and a dad pushing a 3-wheeled stroller, though the baby was getting jostled. The trail is marked with lavender blazes on trees and is mostly easy to follow.

DirectionsTake Pompey Road off of Squaw Hollow Road (U.S. Rt. 44), just east of the intersection with Rt. 74. At the first intersection, bear left. Continue straight, then take the second right. There are a couple of small arrow signs that say "Park" to guide you, and a big sign at the entrance to the park. Drive all the way in, and park near the picnic pavilion, at the second gate where the road ends. The trails start here. (Sometimes the first, outer gate is closed and locked.)

October 2023

The second gate and the picnic pavilion are at the end of the road shown on the left side of the map. The river is the light blue line at the right.