Tinkerville Brook Preserve

This is a pretty walk that includes several marshy spots, a small pond and Tinkerville Brook as it tumbles downhill from Armitage Road to Bissonette Pond, through which the Fenton River flows from north to south. The trail does not reach the pond but comes quite close.

Walkability: Fairly easy; the trail descends with the brook until it gets close to Bissonette Pond, then goes uphill again.

Total distance: 1.95 miles

Elevation change: 169 feet (up + down), mostly on the loop portion that goes down to Bissonnette Pond, though there is a fair amount of going up and down even on the flatter sections.

Trail descriptionThis trail goes through wetlands between Armitage Road and Bissonnette Pond, though it mostly follows high ground and overlooks Tinkerville Brook and the wet areas. There are glimpses and close encounters with water throughout. It has curious mounds and glacial erratic boulders,  and it passes the abutments of an old bridge that back in the day may have connected to Town Line Road, a dirt road that goes north from Armitage Road. The trail is fairly well marked with yellow blazes, but at the farthest  end, the blazes peter out. Also, on the return part of the loop, at the top of the climb from the pond, the left turn is not marked. 

Directions: the Preserve entrance is on the left, just over 0.6 miles up Armitage Road from Turnpike Road. There is a small parking area that can hold 2-4 cars, down a short slope from the road. 

The Tinkerville Brook Preserve page on Joshua's Trust website.

October 2023