Nipmuck Trail Overview

The Nipmuck Trail is part of the extensive Blue Trail System created and maintained by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. The Nipmuck begins in Mansfield on two separate branches that meet in the woods in Storrs. The joint trail continues north through Willington, Ashford, Eastford, and Union, where it ends at the north end of Breakneck Pond at the Massachusetts border. The entire length, Mansfield to Massachusetts, is 33 miles. (Nipmuck Trail info) 

This website describes only the part of the Nipmuck Trail that passes through Ashford (see map below). The Ashford section bisects the town from its southwest corner to its northeast corner, passing through public and private land. The trail starts on Marsh Road in Willington and continues all the way to Barlow Mill Road at Bigelow Brook, the boundary with Eastford, a total distance of 15 miles. The trail crosses several roads where parking is available, and the hike can be broken into shorter legs. We list those legs  below with their lengths. 

14 A   Marsh Road, Willington, to Nott Highway (Rt. 74),                         Ashford     2.8 miles

14B   Nott Highway to Perry Hill Road     1.2 miles

14C   Perry Hill Road to Westford Hill Road     2 miles

14D   Westford Hill Road to Iron Mine Lane    1.25 miles

14E   Iron Mine Lane to Eastford Road (includes Pixie                                 Falls and Ladies Room Rock)     2.3 miles

14F   Eastford Road to Boston Hollow Road     1.6 miles

14G   Boston Hollow Road to Barlow Mill Rd.     4.1 miles 

Nipmuck Trail, Ashford Section. Trail (black dotted line) starts in Willington at the bottom left (on Marsh Road, off U.S. 44) and travels northnortheast to end at Barlow Mill Road near Bigleow Brook, at the top right. Note where the Natchaug Trail (red dotted line) comes in from the east to end at the Nipmuck Trail.