Fliegel Farm  Woods

This walk in the woods includes a stroll down part of the Old Connecticut Path, an ancient route used by Native Americans and Colonial settlers

Walkability: Fairly easy. The beginning of the walk is on the Old Connecticut Path, which is rock-strewn. There is a short downhill section at the beginning (uphill on the return). The rest of the trail is fairly flat with rocks in the trail.

Total distance: 0.96 miles.

Time: 30 minutes. 

Elevation change: 78 feet (up + down).

Environment: This trail is well-marked with yellow painted blazes on the trees. The initial 0.2 mile walk down the OCP allowed us to time-travel, imagining walking this route with wagons, children, and cattle from Cambridge to Colonial towns in the Hartford region. A large open field is visible on the right before the fairly gentle downhill slope continues onto the woodland path after a left turn. (OCP continues downhill onto private property.) The trail becomes mostly flat and passes an area filled with ferns and a sign that says "Maidenhair Fern Garden." The trail makes a short loop at the farthest point, where it crosses some wetlands and then parallels Knowlton Brook for a time. A bench at the .5 mile mark creates a peaceful spot to sit and watch the brook's current. 

Directions: East Howey Road, off of Zaicek Road. The pavement ends after a short distance, but keep going. At the end of the road, turn right into the driveway (Sean Patrick's Plants) and park immediately on the right. The trail begins as an extension of E. Howey Road. 

Fliegel Farm Woods page at the Joshua's Trust website.

November 2023

The Fliegel Farm Woods is shown in blue. Walk down the access road, then turn left onto the trail.  Map from NECCOG https://gis.neccog.org/Html5Viewer/?viewer=neccoggis2 

Photos: 1-A boa-constrictor-like Asian bittersweet vine on East Howey Road.  2-Old Connecticut Path at the beginning of the walk. 3-Knowlton Brook in Fliegel Farm Woods.