Friedman Memorial Forest

This property has several trail options.

Walkability: Moderate

Total distance: 2 miles following the blue trail to the right, then the outer part of the yellow loop back to the beginning. Taking only the yellow trail all the way around the loop would be a bit shorter.

Elevation change: 247 feet (up + down).

EnvironmentThis is a well-marked trail with yellow or blue blazes on trees through a beautiful wooded section of Ashford. This property was bequeathed to Joshua's Trust in 1987 and  had not been logged for 25 years before that. This means that the forest has grown without disturbance for 60 years, and there are some very large trees here. There are posts with numbers painted on them, which indicate that there is a nature guide, but we found no information about it. The trail goes straight into the woods from Bebbington Road for about 0.2 miles, then it crosses Bebbington Brook on a wooden bridge with a railing on one side. We turned right immediately onto the blue trail, which follows the pretty brook for about 0.2 miles, passing the ruins of a water-driven mill, then turns left and starts a steady climb uphill. The blue trail is 0.9 miles long and at its end, meets the yellow loop. We turned right to follow the outer part of the yellow trail. The blue trail and the eastern part of the yellow trail overlook an unnamed pond and marsh from a height. About 0.1 miles farther along, we passed the turn to the right for the Pinkham Trail, a red-blazed trail that leads 0.6 miles south to Colts Pond Road, one of Ashford's designated scenic roads. We did not walk the Pinkham Trail. Near the crest of the ridge there is a beautiful stone wall that marks the boundary of the property.

The Pinkham Trail can lead to a longer walk and a different way back to your car: Pinkham Trail to Colts Pond Road, right on Colts Pond to Bebbington Lane (another designated scenic road), turn right and go up to Bebbington Road, turn right and arrive at the trailhead.

Directions:  The trailhead is on the east side of Bebbington Road, about 100 feet north of the intersection with Bebbington Lane. When we visited in November 2023, the sign was leaning against a tree. There is room for about three cars to park at the entrance to this property. 

Friedman Forest Preserve page at the Joshua's Trust website.

Friedman Memorial Forest at Explore COnnecticut

November 2023

Photos: 1-Bebbington Brook; 2-the trail along the brook; 3-the water feature (unnamed) circled by the blue, yellow and red trails; 4-an old stone wall deep in the woods.