East Trail, Iron Mine Valley Preserve

Access to the East Trail begins from Iron Mine Lane, off Westford Road (Route 89). 

Walkability: Easy, except walking back up the road to the car could be a small challenge for little children and old people. The trail is well marked with yellow blazes on trees.

Total distance: 1.5 miles round trip, from parking to the brook and back. 

Elevation change: 129 feet (up + down), downhill to start.

Environment: Nice woods with open forest floor. It does not seem to be used a lot, so it feels very private. There is a marsh on the right as you approach the stream, Boston Hollow Road Brook. Look for water-loving birds and mammals here. It is possible to rock-hop across the brook to pick up the West Trail which will take you to Sand Hill Road, or bring you back to the brook if you do the West Trail loop. 

Directions: Go about 0.2 mile down Iron Mine Lane and park at the left in the small lot for the Pixie Falls section of the Nipmuck Trail. Walk down the hill on Iron Mine Lane and turn left just before you go into the driveway of 92 Iron Mine Lane (about 0.3 miles). Walk through the gate. (Ignore the "No Trespassing" sign, but do respect the private property you will walk through). This is an old road that takes you further along until signs for Joshua Trust appear (about another 0.3 mi). Shortly after that, the trail turns off to the right, passes through a rock wall, and into the woods.  

Iron Mine Valley Preserve page at Joshua's Trust website.

October 2023

Note: Location of gate on Iron Mine Lane is not accurate in this map. [Map from Joshua's Trust.]

Joshua's Trust webpage for this property:  https://joshuastrust.org/iron-mine-valley-3/ 

Photos: Boston Hollow Road Brook waterfall; end of East Side Trail; First crossing to join West Side Trail; Second crossing to join West Side Trail.