Natchaug Trail Overview

The Natchaug Trail is part of the extensive Blue Trail System created and maintained by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. The Natchaug is 18.7 miles in length, starting in Hampton and passing through Chaplin and Eastford before terminating in Ashford. 

The Ashford section hike begins on Ashford Road in Eastford and trends west, then northwest. It passes just north of Ashford Lake and Lake Woods Lane. From there it crosses Moon Road and makes its way west and north. It crosses several brooks, and terminates at the Nipmuck Trail in the middle of the woods (on the Nipmuck's Iron Mine Lane to Eastford Road leg). Turn right onto the Nipmuck Trail and you will reach Eastford Road in 0.5 miles. Or, turn left onto the Nipmuck Trail and reach the parking lot on Iron Mine Road in 1.1 miles. 

The Ashford Section of the Natchaug Trail crosses one road in Ashford, and a second road just east of us in Eastford. This gives us two legs for hiking.

13 A   Ashford Road, Eastford, to Moon Road, Ashford

13 B   Moon Road to the terminus at the Nipmuck Trail

See the interactive map at the website of the Connecticut Forest and Parks Association, the managers of the Connecticut Blue Trails System, for hiking and parking guidance (Key in "Natchaug"). 

Mileage placard located at the terminus of the Natchaug Trail in Ashford. Our GPS tracking devices tend to report slightly higher mileages.