Tremko Trail

This is a little-used trail which begins just off the western parking lot of Pompey Hollow Park. It's a  nice short walk that will get your heart rate up.

Walkability: Fairly east to moderate, with some fairly steep slopes, a rock scramble, and a stream crossing on rocks.

Total distance: 0.9  miles.

Time: 32 minutes 

Elevation change: 138 feet (up + down).

Environment: There is a sign board marking the trailhead. The trail begins when you pass between two closely placed trees into the woods. The loop choice is right at the beginning, and we went left, following the gray paint blazes on the trees. The trail begins to climb immediately as it trends northward to meet up with Joshua Trust's Rankin Preserve trail. At that point, which is not too far from the summit of the Rankin, the two trails share an easterly path for a while. The overlap follows the boundary between the properties, which you can see on the map on the Rankin Trail page. The joint trail heads east until the Tremko  takes a sharp turn to the right and makes its way downhill, over a rock scramble and a stream, which requires rock-hopping, and past Warrenville Pond, until it reaches the trailhead. Be alert when you get back to flat ground and see the parking lot. It's easy to miss the trail exit (through the stone wall and the two closely placed trees). If you start to climb again, you've gone too far.

Directions: Enter the park/senior complex on Tremko Lane, off Pompey Hollow Road (U. S. 44). Bear left at the first intersection, and continue as the road turns right. The trailhead sign is on the left in the parking area.

November 2023