Mt. Hope River, 

Ashford Fire Station

This looks like it might be a favorite fishing spot. It has other uses, though.

Paddler Greg Wilmot has posted a YouTube video for a paddle on the Mount Hope River that he did in December 2022. He started at the main fire station on Westford Road (Rt. 89) and went down to Juniper Lane in Mansfield, about 5.5 miles. Here is the video, with some explanatory text. 

Directions: Park in the left (north) side of the parking lot. The river is just to the north across the grass. There is a gravel drive that extends from the parking lot to the river. There's a 3-foot or so drop from the bank to the water, but  the access at this point is well-used, and steps have been fashioned using tree roots. Note there are rocks in the water just at the river's edge here, submerged after a recent heavy rain. The town owns another 100 yards of river bank upstream, as well.

December 2023

Photos: 1-The direct water access point, most used; 2-looking upstream from there; 3-looking downstream from there (bridge is Westford Road, Rt. 89).