Morey Pond

While access to Morey Pond, and most of the pond itself, are in our neighboring town, Union, a small southern part of it is within Ashford's boundaries, so we are counting it as an Ashford Outdoors venue.  

Environment: This is a beautiful pond, 44.8 acres, situated in the Nipmuck State Forest. It is the origin of the Mount Hope River, which flows from the pond through a spillway in the middle of an earthen dam in the southeast corner of the pond. Be aware that there is a definite current of water that causes boats to drift toward the dam and spillway. The northern half of the pond is northwest of I-84. A concrete tunnel, which is plenty deep for canoes and kayaks (at least 4 feet deep, but with a fairly low ceiling) carries water and boats to the southern half of the pond, where the pond crosses the Ashford town line at its farthest reaches. The pond appears not to be heavily used, perhaps due to highway noise. It has lots of native plants on the shore, as well as aquatic animals, and a nice-looking beaver lodge in the inlet to the left after passing south through the tunnel. It's worth a trip.

DirectionsThe address for the boat launch is 670 Buckley Highway (Rt. 190), Union. This is about halfway between the intersection of Rt. 190 & Rt. 89 and the Exit 73 interchange.  The road in to the ramp is about 0.3 miles through forest. There is ample parking and a concrete ramp which can be used to launch boats either from a trailer or a car-top. 

Link to the DEEP Morey Pond website for boating and fishing information.

October 2023

Photos: 1 & 2: Rules and Regs.  3: View from the ramp. 4: The northeast end has two wood duck boxes. 5: Boats can get pretty close to I-84! 6: Inside the tunnel under I-84 (not creepy at all). 7: A beaver lodge that looked like it's being used because it has wet mud on it and cut branches with fresh green leaves. There were two other lodges, but they seemed to be disused. We didn't see a beaver, though.

October 2023