Mount Hope River,

Church Farm

This map shows the route from the parking space (green pin) to the Mount Hope River (less than 0.1 mile). Joshua's Trust owns all the riverfront property shown in green on the west side of Route 89, and Eastern Connecticut State University owns the next lot to the northwest on Varga Road, which also borders the river and is public open space. JT also owns the area on the east side of Route 89, and farther to the east and south as shown by the dotted line (a former trail, abandoned due to frequent flooding). The east side, however, is a major pricker patch and difficult to walk through to get to the water. Our clothing got snagged multiple times. On the west side, the river is accessible, but the bank is somewhat steep and drops about three feet to the river.

Map from Ride with GPS.

The Mount Hope River north of Varga Road, easily accessible from the Church Farm parking area. The bridge carrying  Mansfield Road (Route 89) across the river is visible in the background.