Westford Hill Distillery 20-Mile Loop

Length: 19.8 miles

Elevation change: 1530 ft.

Surface: 9% on gravel (dirt) roads

Difficulty: Moderate- with hill climbs

Bike recommendations: a road bike with good tires able to ride on improved dirt roads, a gravel bike or an e-bike with appropriate tires

Updated 11/16/2023


This route is designed to pass Westford Distillery and Cash’s Country Store (you can stop for appropriate refreshment at either or both) as you explore some of the beautiful scenic back roads of Ashford. The route does travel along or cross Route 89 several times which requires care. It is recommended that you only do this in the clockwise direction to so you hit the impressive hill on Waterfall Road as a down hill experience.


Park on the side of the road at the Route 89 end of Frontage Road. This is less than 0.1 miles from exit 72 on I-84. Frontage Road is wide and can easily accommodate cars pulled off and parked on the side.

Route Directions: 

Links to Places to Visit

Westford Distillery (FB is more updated than website)



Cash's Country Store



This route starts at the NE end of Frontage Road at the insection with Route 89.

Head south on Waterfall Road. The field To the left is Westford Airstrip. Yes, planes do land there accasionally.

This route brings you through Westford. This was a historical village center and still has a number of old homes here.

Bike on Eastford Road until the insection with Moon Road. Continue on Moon Road which is a well maintained dirt road.

You will bike through the center of a farm on James road. 

A stop at the Westford Hill Distillery on Chatey can be relaxing and refreshining. It is open for creative cocktails  on Friday, Saturday and Sundays during the warmer months.

You will pass the scenic twin ponds on Turnpike Road.

Close to the end of trip you will pass Cash's Country Store. Great stop for a sandwich.

This is the Wandering Wall the snakes through the woods on the west side of Old Town Road near the end of this bike tour.