Ashford Designated Scenic Roads Bike Route

Length: 21.7 miles

Elevation change: 1806 ft.

Surface: 32% on gravel (dirt) roads

Difficulty: Advanced

Bike recomendations: a gravel bike with good tires and strong legs or an e-bike with appropriate tires.

Updated 11/16/2023


Ashford has lots of scenic roads but 6 of them are designated as such. This bike route is designed to combine all 6 into a beautiful loop ride. All of the scenic roads are gravel and some are challenging to bike. This route criss-crosses the Mount Hope River valley two times so there is a lot of elevation change as you climb out of the valley on both sides. Most of the route is on smaller local roads. There is a stretch on Route 89 but it has a good wide shoulder. The route does have several crossings of state roads all of which require care.

Parking: Park on the east side of Lipps Road by the intersection with Pease Road. This is right at the spot where Lipps road switches from paved to gravel.

Route Directions:

Ride with GPS Link:

You can view this route in more detail at this Ride With GPS link. You do not need a membership to view.

Biking down Colt's Pond Road in Ashford during the fall of 2023. This section requires skill to bike. Some may be more comfortable walking this portion.